Thursday, October 8, 2015


1. Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz, California 
 The place is located in a forest and this is referred to as the Mystery Spot has peculiarities gravity. This place was found in 1939 by several cruisers and opened to the public starting in 1940. If you pay a visit to a circular area measuring 45 meters, you will be surprised and confused because in that place the body feels much lighter until you can walk sideways in the wall!
If you roll a ball, then the ball instead of rolling down but instead will rise. Likewise, the trees in the area, they grow crooked. Some people think that this place is just a place that is designed to produce an optical illusion, but some others are sure that the place has a magical aura.

 2. Spook Hill, Florida
 Spook Hill is a hilly area in Lake Wales, Florida, where if you turn off your vehicle engine at the bottom of the hill, the vehicle will slowly slid up into the hills! Most people consider this hill has a high magnetic iron content of up to pull the car, but although only on foot, people can feel that "something" pull them up to require more energy for downhill rather than climb.
Local legend tells that this hill is haunted by the Indian chief who died on the spot. Strange phenomena in Spooky Hill was first discovered by a black man who will be fishing in a lake in the vicinity. When residents were parked down the hill suddenly his car backwards up the hill!
3. St. Ignace Mystery Spot, Michigan
This place was first discovered in 1950 when researchers found the equipment they suddenly stop functioning. After researching a number of times, it appeared that this phenomenon only occurs in an area of approximately 91 meters which was then called St. Ignace Mystery Spot.
Until many years later it became the attraction of tourists who want to feel a strange experience where the earth's gravity does not seem to function. Also in this place people will look tall shorter than outside the area and, if too long to be there people will feel dizzy. Now at this place also built a mini golf course where even a Tiger Woods will find it difficult to enter the ball into the hole because the ball will always be rolling off the mark.

4. House of Mystery, Oregon Vortex
The place is also circular, in addition to the force of gravity does not seem to function properly, there are also other phenomena. That is somehow no animals to approach the area. When you bring horses or other animals in the area, then certainly they will all feel panicked and fled. Because of this phenomenon, in the past the Indians call this place as "The Forbidden".
The area is pretty much interesting curiosity of the American population, even several documentaries have been made specifically to investigate the phenomenon at the venue as well as objects in film "Supernatural" and "The X-Files". Just like other mystery spot, Oregon Vortex also believed designed to cause an optical illusion. The problem is, this place has been around since 1914 and in that time it felt knowledge of optical illusion was not as sophisticated as today. Also the question of why animals do not go near that area? There has been no scientific explanation for this question. 

5. Cosmos Mystery Area, South Dakota
In this place, you do not I can see a person's height optical illusions that appear to be changing, but also trees that grow sideways into a certain direction and the river water flowing upward. A ball thrown upwards will suddenly fall off, or someone could sit in a chair that has only two legs and others.
This place was discovered in 1952 by two students who were looking for a camper. When these are in place they suddenly felt dizzy and body suddenly felt light. Out of curiosity, finally they tried to examine the site and set up a cabin on it. It was until now known as Cosmos Mystery Area.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Black Sun

During the spring in Danish, at approximately one half hour before sunset, flocks of birds European starlings (Sturnus vulgaris), whose numbers could reach more than a million gathered from various parts come together to form amazing formations. This phenomenon is often called the Black Sun, and can be found in early spring along the marshy land in the Danish part of the west during the months of March to mid April. These birds migrate from the south and spend the day in the pastures looking for food and sleeping in the grass at night.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Containers To Clinics, Utilizing The Container Used To Be A Health Clinic

Former container boxes that are popular today turned out to not only be used as home and office but it could also just for health clinics today.
Containers to Clinics (C2C) is a nonprofit organization that generated the idea to create a clinic of the container used. Taking advantage of unused container and turn it into a clinic is expected to help the areas that do not have access to health care.
As we all know the benefits besides the use of environmentally friendly containers for use or used goods unused, these clinics would be more easily removable and does not have to bother anymore to build a new building when moved.
C2C own price reaches U.S. $ 100,000 but it has included all of the container itself and the medical equipment in it as well as transportation costs.